Edpnet's fast internet connection

Fast and unlimited internet for only €35,95 per month. And why wouldn't you consider edpnet telephony too (n_n).


Fast, Faster, Fastest …

Edpnet offers you speeds up to 100 Mbps download and up to 20 Mbps upload. Click on the button below and check which speeds are available at your address.

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Unlimited internet … for real!

You have unlimited traffic, without any additional cost. Because we're not the ones to set the rules for you.



Say bye bye to your fixed telephone line

Order edpnet telephony with your newer & faster subscription and save a lot of money. Edpnet offers considerably low tariffs. You make your calls over the internet, you don't need your fixed telephone line anymore. You call for free to other edpnet telephony customers and our helpdesk. There is no connection fee. Extra services are for free. And you can keep your existing number for free.


Combine and save money!

Combine edpnet internet with edpnet telephony and save a lot of money. Check your speed and choose the internet formula that suits you. Say bye bye to your fixed or Classic line and save €21,49 per month. You call at low rates to fixed and mobile numbers in Belgium (no connection fees per call, except for calls to special numbers). You receive additional services such as caller identification, call redirection, ... for free.

Order your package
newer & faster internet
45.95per month

By the way, did you know that we have subscriptions for the light user and moderate user?

just in case
internet adsl

Up to
4 Mbps
Up to
512 kbps

activation cost €25,00
€19.95per month

internet adsl2(+)

Up to
12 Mbps
Up to
740 kbps

activation cost €25,00
€25.95per month

newer & faster
internet vdsl

Up to
100 Mbps
Up to
20 Mbps

activation cost €50,00
€35.95per month

What do I need?


Check house

Check which speeds are available at your location with our line test tool above.


A fixed telephony line

You need a telephony entry point at your location: this can be a fixed telephone line, but edpnet can easily activate on a raw copper line (€12,50 per month), as long as there is an entry point present at your location (be aware of the fact that entry points are sometimes hidden behind walls after renovations).
You can find the activation possibilities here

You can choose to install everything on your own, or you can ask for a telecom installation or a worry-free installation.

What if there is no entry point or you are located in a new building?  You can find all necessary details here

You need off course a modem. You can choose a FRITZ!Box 7360 modem (€99) or a FRITZ!Box 7490 modem (€179).
If you want to increase the range of your wireless network, you can order a FRITZ!WLAN 450E Repeater (€69) or a FRITZ!WLAN 1750E Repeater (€89)



The easiest and fastest way to order is online. Do not hesitate to contact us via our live chat or give us a call.

Please check the conditions and the minimum duration of your current contract, if you want to switch to edpnet. Normally you can switch to edpnet after 6 months.  You can find information here


Activation and installation

We will confirm the activation date via email.

If you ordered hardware, then edpnet will send your package with Taxipost. They will leave a note of their visit on the delivery address when nobody is present and your package will be available at the nearest post office. You can pick up the package in the next 15 working days). Or our technician will bring the hardware with him, if you have also ordered an installation from us.

You will be informed if a technician needs to perform an installation.

You can find all possible installations here